My desire is to create emotive imagery for the romantically in love! Creating your story just as you feel it. 

Classic and Modern Portraiture with a Luxury Flare.

What a humbling opportunity to have you stumble across my page! I'm so grateful that you have taken a moment of your time to get to know a little more about The White Rose Company!! 

I offer years of experience and with that my aim is to document your day as organically as possible.  My desire is that in years from now you will browse through your wedding album and relive every memory creating a big sense of nostalgia. 


My two beautiful kiddos & hubby of 9 years bring me the most joy! Originally being from South Africa and traveling to the United States from a young age, I became an avid traveler capturing countries such as England, Scotland, Bali, Dubai, Africa and many more. 

owner & creator of the white rose co.

I'm cass!


Although I have lived in the USA for over 12 years, I have an ‘accent’, an accent most people guess to be from England or New Zealand, but I am South African. I often joke with my clients that I am an American with a South African accent.


I live on a little island on the east coast of Florida and love spending evenings at the beach with my hubby and kiddos. I love going out on the boat, and going for short runs whilst my kiddos are in school.


Im known to be the one searching for ice cold lemonade during summer wedding receptions. 


I absolutely love traveling and dreaming of capturing more destination weddings. 


The White Rose Company was established and my true vision started to form with this business! 
White- symbolising modern & elegant  Rose- classic, timeless, and romantic


Our precious Carlee Rose was born and this is the year I made my first photography business official ‘ Cass Lo Photography’


Our sweet Callum Reid was born and my love for photography grew whilst capturing his first year pics. Started my ‘unofficial’ photography business.


Planned our destination wedding in South Africa, and honeymooned in Bali


He proposed to me whilst cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa.. Eek! He bought me my first dslr which was a canon rebel xt. I used this to capture awful (which I thought were beautiful) pics of my engagement ring and thus my love of photography began.


Moved to Florida with my high school sweetheart from South Africa


Travelled the UK, worked in Scotland and England with my now hubby and started out capturing our adventures on an old poor quality point and shoot


My first point and shoot camera I used to document travels 


A passion that began during our travels around the world. From South Africa to England, Bali, and beyond. 

from south africa to south florida, and a few stops in between

the white rose co


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